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  1. adam says:

    Did you spill something on your carpet and you don’t know what to do about it?

    If you do something to try and clean it and the color or stain left did not come out, it is probably going to be permanent. Usually the best thing to do is get a white rag and blot the spill out as much as possible.

    There are several over the counter products you could use but read the label carefully because some products are bleaching agents. If you use them, they may get the stain out but some of the cleaning product will be left in the carpet. What does this mean? The next time we clean it, there is a possibility that area will lighten up. If you have questions about spills give us a call and we will give the best advise we can.

    Bottom line, don’t freak out. If you leave the spill, depending on what it is, there is a greater chance we can get it out when we clean.

    If it is paint, do what you can to get as much out as possible. If paint dries in the carpet, it is in it for good.

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